10 Best Beaches in South Carolina

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Charleston is urban with high-rise apartment buildings and a variety of attractions. To the south lies the Grand Strand, an approximately 60-mile stretch of beautiful beachfront known as the “Queen of the Beach.” Here you’ll find modern attractions like the Wild Dunes National Park, the Carolina Beach State Park, and Myrtle Beach, home to the southern most known professional baseball league (NASCAR).

South Carolina’s Palmetto Coast, Myrtle Beach and Orangeburg are all coastal cities. Here you’ll find plenty of sandy beaches, easy access to the Atlantic Ocean and an abundance of recreation options. In addition to the beaches, there are plenty of other activities in this part of the Carolinas. Here are some tips for things to do in the state’s beaches:

The Indian River

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The best beaches in South Carolina are located along the Indian River. Known for its wide array of recreational opportunities including boating, fishing, water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing and wakeboard surfing, the Indian River is also one of the country’s most popular beaches for tourists. This is a good place to visit if you want to experience fun-filled water sports. Other popular beaches in the area include Savoy, Killarney and Topsail.

In terms of age-related surf reports, the waves in Orange Beach are generally not too big. However, they are quite large during certain times of the year, which can be dangerous for beginners. For example, the best time to go surfing in Orange Beach is March through May, which is considered a “warm” surf season. Other popular beach destinations in the south include Beaufort and Sullivan’s Island, which offer clear skies and great surfing opportunities. Sullivan’s Island is known as a “surfer’s paradise,” with its long stretches of perfect waves.

Incredible Restaurants

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In terms of dining, some of the best beaches in South Carolina have incredible restaurants. The best surfside beach restaurants in the area include Beach Cafe, iki Beach Club, Murrells Inlet, Tugboat Inn, and Surfside Cafe. The Tugboat Inn serves authentic southern cuisine, while Beach Cafe offers fresh seafood, salads and other light fare. On the other hand, Murrells Inlet is known as a great place to go for sushi and seafood. Besides these well-known restaurants, there are many other fine restaurants in the area.

Orange Beach is also home to one of the best public pools in the county. There are also lifeguards on duty at all hours, which makes swimming among locals more safe. Among the best public pools in Orange Beach are Wildfire, Water Gardens and Breakwater. Water Gardens features a wide array of tropical plants and flowers, while Wildfire is known for its rock walls and jetty. 

Orange Beach

If you’re looking for something more intense, then you can try the Adrenalin Pool, which was designed by daredevils to give you the highest levels of adrenaline. The Wildfire California Open Air Sports Center is open Friday through Sunday.

If you’re looking for the best things to do on a weekend getaway, then Orange Beach is just right. Here you’ll find fun things to do on a day that allows you to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather. From surfing lessons and surfing tournaments at the famous Wildair Beach, to enjoying the water and taking in a little pampering at the Wildflower Preserve, you’re sure to have an experience that will leave you smiling.


Just a stone’s throw from Folly Beach is Paradise Point Park, which is perfect for families with small children and those who love the ocean. Enjoy an afternoon of kite surfing or white water rafting by the beachside. Kayaking is another activity that’s popular here, especially in winter. Kayaks can be rented by individuals and families alike, and it’s possible to find a location that offers both indoor and outdoor rentals. As you can see, there are many things to do on a South Carolina beach, and Folly Beach is among the best in terms of location, accessibility, shops, restaurants and accommodations.

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