4 Amazing Beach Cruisers Bicycle Accessories That You Should Try

beach cruisers bicycle accessories

The Beach cruiser adds to the leisure while we are on a beach vacation. It is not just a way of keeping oneself entertained but working out too. You can even take it to places other than the beach as well. So, it becomes necessary to have a dashing and comfortable ride. Are you someone who wants to make its beach cruiser look more stylish? If yes then here is something interesting. With different accessories, you can turn your favorite beach cruiser more fashionable and even improve safety. 

  1. Flugel Horn

Flugel horn is pretty much cheap yet effectively enhances the aesthetic of the bike. At $14, one can find a nice-looking flugelhorn for their ride. There are colors such as baby blue, mint green, black, and 2 more amazing color choices. It’s very easy to attach it to handlebars. It’s a convenient bike accessory. Thus, do try out. 

  1. Nantucket Front Wicker Basket

You always need something for storing on your bike. That’s why Nantucket Front Wicker Basket is a must on a beach cruiser. It will help in carrying things. You can take your cute basket and bike for grocery shopping and even on occasions like a picnic. This basket is not only adorable but durable too. You can use it for a long time without worrying about its maintenance.  

  1. Airius V10T Helmet
A group of people riding on the back of a bicycle

Airius brings amazing helmets for riders but when it comes to beach cruisers then Airius V10T Helmet is the best of all. This helmet arrives for $24 and serves the purpose of style as well as safety. There are 10 vents along with a rear reflector in the product. The brand has taken care of the security of riders so they have included a removable visor. In case you don’t like the V10T Helmet you can always look for other options. There are many options at Airius. 

  1. Bicycle Pom Pom Streamers from SunLite

SunLite Pom Pom Streamers are some of the cheapest accessory options. For $9, you boost your bike’s style. These look great especially when the wind blows. Pom Pom Streamers are available in pink, purple, and white colors. They are easy to attach even for children. In case you don’t like them, they are easy to remove too. So, this will be a nice and convenient accessory.


A person riding a bicycle on a beach

For those who are looking for charming accessories to enhance the aesthetic of their beach cruiser, here are some things you can try. You can use a Flugel Horn which arrives in 5 different colors and has an easy attachment. Secondly, Nantucket Front Wicker Basket is a fine choice for storing groceries and other objects. The Airius V10T Helmet is another accessory that can both enhance safety along with style. The brand has many other helmet options too. SunLite Pom Pom Streamers also make bikes cuter. 

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