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A Comprehensive List Of The Best Rhode Island Beaches

best rhode island beaches

Beautiful beaches, delectable seafood, trendy restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, and an infinite number of events are all within easy reach in Rhode Island. In the time it takes some people to walk to work, one might travel from the northern to the southern tip of Rhode Island, or from east to west through the entire state, in less than 50 miles. While visiting Rhode Island, there’s no excuse you can’t relax at a couple of the beaches mentioned below.

Watch Hill Beach, Westerly

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Watch Hill Beach is one of Rhode Island’s most popular beach destinations. It is famous for its fine golden sunsets and sand. This beach is located on a peninsula in the southern part of Rhode Island, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. With miles of shoreline, there is room for everyone. Watch Hilltown offers great lunch spots and unique shops to wander around. Watch Hill is famous for the role, which was built in 1867. It is a ritual for families to come every year and ride this old-fashioned tour.

Crescent Beach, Block Island

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A one-hour ferry ride from Point Judith takes you to the Crescent Beach Hotel on Block Island. This is one of Rhode Island’s most photographed beaches. From Old Harbor’s east coast to Clay Head, there are long stretches of white sand beach. The Frederick J. Benson Pavilion, also known as “Town Beach,” is situated in Crescent Beach’s centre. For the day, you can rent seats, cabanas, and boogie boards, as well as order dessert from one of the concession platforms. Pets are welcome on the island, and there are toilets and restrooms available for general use.

  Napatree Point Beach, Westerly

Napatree Point Beach is a public beach and wildlife sanctuary protected by Watch Hill Conservancy. Napatree is a long sandy spit created by a geological phenomenon called sea drift. Hikers and bird watchers roam this beach due to its pristine habitats and various bird species. The name Nabatrie is derived from the “nap” (neck) of trees. Napatree Point has been heavily registered but is now the perfect place to hang out on the beach and listen to the birds. It is a great beach to experience more nature and wildlife.

Ballard’s Beach, Block Island

Ballard’s beach is a beach vip for any beach-goer. This great ocean destination offers live music, beachfront dining, tiki bars with full service, and beach volleyball, to name a few. To make sure guests are comfortable, there are umbrellas and beach chairs for rent. Enjoy your day with beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and soak in the complimentary showers. Ballard’s beach is minutes from the ferry dock and can be reached by car or on foot.

Final One: East Beach, Charleston

This beach is one of the underdeveloped beaches in Rhode Island and offers limited parking space. A section of the coastline is equipped with lifeguards during the summer. East Beach offers a campground for people looking to spend a few days enjoying beach vibes. There are camping and vehicle restrictions that may apply, so check this before boarding. You can’t go wrong with visiting East Beach, camping under the stars, and listening to the waves.

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