Accessories For Your Beach Chairs

beach chairs accessories

Beach chair covers are very important accessories to have for your furniture. If you don’t have a cover, the dust, sand, and debris can damage your furniture in just a few days. The good news is that it’s easy to find the right cover for your chairs, or you can replace them all with one new set. To make things even better, there are many accessories you can buy that will coordinate your chairs with your other outdoor furniture. This way you won’t have to spend more money to match your entire outdoor living space.

Chair Cushion

Beach Chairs

One of the most important accessories is a beach chair cushion. These are made to sit on top of your beach chair, and provide you with ultimate comfort while you are relaxing by the pool or on the beach. Some people prefer to lay their beach chair on the grass, but others enjoy the comfort of the beach chair cushion. You can get them in a variety of colors and styles to go with any outdoor look.

Water Resistance Tools

Beach Chairs

Other accessories you may want to purchase include umbrella poles and rain boots. These are also made to sit on top of your beach chair, protecting your furniture from the sun and weather. These will also keep your chairs away from water, helping to prevent them from cracking or breaking. Another accessory that is important for beach chairs is a marine grade tent pole. These are strong and sturdy, making it easier to protect your chair from the wind and rain at the beach.


Beach chairs can also come with an umbrella, allowing you to have both a protective barrier against the weather, as well as a beautiful decorative piece for your patio furniture. The patio umbrella can be removed, or you may want to leave it up until you need it. Decorative umbrellas can be purchased in many different patterns, colors, and materials to add to your overall beachy theme. Also, for an extra stylish touch, you may want to purchase a couple of plastic flower pots that can be placed on either end of your chairs. These pots will also provide some additional gardening space and shade for your chair.

Flower Pots

After you have added all of your accessories to your beach chair, you will want to place a few flower pots on the bottom, near the beach chair. These pots can provide some extra plant life that you can enjoy while enjoying your beach chair. Another great addition to a beach chair is a small table. If you are going to place a table next to your beach chair, make sure you label it as being for outdoor use. You will also want to add a few garden stakes next to your table, to ensure that it does not get knocked over.

Teak Planters

Beach chairs are going to be placed on their own, so they will need extra support. In order to provide this support, you will want to purchase a few garden teak planters. Teak planters are strong and durable, and will provide your beach chairs with much needed shade. If you do not have any garden teak planters available, consider using woven beach chairs. These types of chairs do not have the tendency to roll over, as much as plastic chairs do.


The last thing that you will want to add to your chairs is some tableware. If you do not already have some tableware available, consider purchasing some plastic cups and plates. You can also purchase a variety of different dishes to place on the table, to provide a little extra decoration.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, adding a few extra accessories to your chairs will provide an opportunity for you to create an even more appealing space. In addition to just making your chairs look better, these accessories will also be able to protect them from wind, sand, and other elements that can damage your chairs. All of these accessories can be purchased at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s store. If you want a specific accessory that we have not mentioned here, feel free to contact us. We are more than willing to assist you. We are sure you will be happy with the purchase!

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