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What are Balos beach’s sand & water like?

A large body of water

Balos beach is a little cove with green trees on its sides. It has crystal clear blue waters with white sand, so when entering it feels like you are in a different dimension. It’s perfect for those who love to swim and stay in the sea for hours. You can find some sunbeds and umbrellas on its beach but at your own expense of course since there’s no big hotel around.

How to get to Balos beach?

A rocky beach next to the ocean

Balos beach is only 30km away from Kissamos, Ierapetra and Agios Nikolaos. It’s easy to go there by car, bus or motorbike since the road is excellent all the way until its entrance. If you are coming from any of those places then it shouldn’t take longer than an hour to get there.

Where are Balos’ most famous neighborhoods?

Balos beach abounds in legends and stories. The ancient city of the same name is said to be located on a hill where nowadays you can see some ruins of an old Venetian castle. The surrounding area was once occupied by the Minoan civilization, with its most characteristic findings dating from 2400 BC. After excavations at Knossos and Phaistos, significant findings have emerged: pottery and small human figurines. Balos is also mentioned in ancient scriptures and writings such as Homer’s Iliad or Pausanias’ Guide to Crete.

However, the glorious past of the area was replaced with a sadder tale when in 1537 Balos was attacked and destroyed by pirates.

What else should one do when in Balos beach?

Balos beach is perfect to spend the day with your friends, family, or partner. You can enjoy the view around you and go swimming in one of its crystal waters. There aren’t any taverns or cafes on its shore but you can find some at its entrance. Furthermore, if you are up for an adventure you can explore the area around its lagoon and find some old caves, like Vlychada Cave.

Just 5km away from Balos beach you can find the archaeological site of Kastri which is well worth visiting because it gives you an idea about the area’s glorious past. According to archaeologists, the area was inhabited since the Neolithic Age and flourished during the Roman and Byzantine years. Kastri is also important because it served as a refuge to locals when pirates attacked Balos in 1537.

For those who like hiking, Mount Taurus offers great opportunities for that while you can also explore the surrounding areas on your own with a car or motorbike.

What are Balos’ nightlife & restaurants like?

In the nearby town of Ierapetra, you can find bars and cafes where you can enjoy a drink after a day at the beach. Just 5km away from Balos you can also find some other places to go out for dinner or have a coffee.

How much does a day at Balos beach cost?

A ticket for Balos costs €1,50 and you can take as many sunbeds and umbrellas as you want. Also, if you would like to have some drinks or food inside the area it’s your choice whether to buy them there or take them from your car. You can find some taverns and cafes near its entrance where you can buy anything you need for a great day at the beach.

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