Beach Hair Accessories For Summer

Beach Hair Accessories For Summer

Beach hair accessories can make your entire summer ensemble have that snap to make it work. And that’s work with the letter “e” at the end! Just like that, with a pop of color in your hair, you can immediately allow your outfit to truly stand out. Plus, accessories are very easy to switch and keep so you can use them in any season, too! What’s more, you can easily hide them away for later use, no hassles.

Beach Hair Accessories: Hairstyles For Sun, Sand, And Water

Thinking of adding some excitement to your hair routine this summer? Look no further. We’ve got easy-to-do DIY hairstyles we’re sure you’ll fall in love with! Of course, you can also always just let your hair down. Natural and free is a very good way to go. However, if you feel getting a tad creative with your style, then check out our tips below.

The ponytail. And we don’t mean just any ponytail. We mean THE HIGH ONE. You can conveniently achieve this look. All you’ll need is a comb with thin spaces in between each bristle. One with a tail, so it’ll be easier for you to grip it while combing your hair back. Secure it with a tight scrunchy or cloth rubber band and you’re ready for the day!

Beach Hair Accessories For Summer

Another is the side-braid a la Katniss Everdeen. Although hers was much more complicated in the movies, ours is a rather simple one. Perfect for a girl-next-door look or for someone who’s always hustling and bustling, taking over the city. Now, make a side split atop your hair and bring them all to one side over your shoulder. Start braiding from your cheek level all the way down to the tip, leaving only about two inches unbraided. Secure that with a hair rubber band. Further, feel free to use bobby pins to keep the braids intact.

Other Beach And Summer Looks

This time, let’s get into accessorizing your crowning glory. No complicated methods needed here. Just let your hair down and use a headband over it. In fact, you can choose from various kinds of headbands. Some of these include plastic ones as well as plain or embellished with designs.

Second is the garter headband. Also known as fabric headbands, these are usually covered in cloth and go around your head and behind your neck.

Beach Hair Accessories For Summer

Moreover, you’ve got what’s known as toothed headbands. Almost exactly like how they sound, toothed headbands have plastic bristles that are there to help secure the piece in place. This is a favorite especially of those who have thick hair.  And they work extremely well. They’re not only there for fashion but for keeping your hair back, sleek and stylish.

Additionally, there’s something called the turban headband. It’s a trend that’s come back to light from the ’30s and ’40s, and it seems they’re never out of style. This band is set at the very crown of your head, similar to the way you’d wear, well, a crown.

There’s a whole list more of different types of hair accessories you can use in any season! And for this summer, pick your favorite now and start styling!

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