Best Beaches in Michigan -

Best Beaches in Michigan

best beaches in michigan

Traveling to Michigan and want to see the best beaches in Michigan? There are dozens of amazing beaches in Michigan where you can go and enjoy the summertime or wintertime. Here are some tips on finding the perfect beach to visit when visiting this state of America. Whether your idea of a good vacation is going to a popular beach or even deep-sea fishing, there are beaches in Michigan that will please everyone.

Kalamazoo Shoreline

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One of the best beaches in Michigan is the quieter Kalamazoo shoreline. It is not the typical beach you will find in Michigan because it is not an official beach and does not have an official name. However, it is the most popular beach on Kalamazoo’s shoreline because of its proximity to great fishing. There are over thirty miles of shoreline and many boat docks for easy parking. Also, if you want to fish out of doors, this is the beach for you.

The quiet eastern shore is also popular because of its more secluded beach access. However, this beach has some of the best beaches in Michigan because of the easy access to downtown Kalamazoo. When you get to the Eastern shore, you will be able to take a boat to downtown if you want to park your car. If you are looking for solitude at this beach, then this is the beach for you.

The quiet southern shoreline is also another great choice, with tons of beaches in Michigan to choose from. The Michigan Dunes is about two hours away from downtown Kalamazoo, and the quietness is perfect for those who like to just lounge and watch the sun go down. The beach at the Isle of Wight is also a wonderful choice for those who want a quiet day by the water or just a great swim in the summer. These are just a few of the great lakes bordering the shoreline of Michigan.

Port Huron

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One of the most popular beaches in Michigan is the beach at Port Huron. The island is only about seven miles long, but it offers several miles of shoreline for great swimming and lounging. In addition to the beaches, there are boat docks and a pier so you can walk on the shore and enjoy the water. Many people visit Port Huron during the summer months because of all the beautiful beaches.

Two other popular Michigan beaches include Port Huron and Isle of Wight. These are two of the more popular and well-known beaches in Michigan. However, they are not the only beaches in Michigan. You have the picturesque St. Joseph, with its massive rock formations, and then there is Lake Huron known for its fishing and swimming. There are many places in Michigan to enjoy a day or two on the water, including the state’s best beaches in Michigan.

Activities To Do

In addition to swimming and fishing, you will find that Michigan’s beaches offer many activities for all ages. While you are at the beach, you can enjoy the scenic overlooks and get a good view of all the area’s attractions. There are so many great lakes and beaches in Michigan that you will not be able to see them all in just one vacation.

Final Words

While you are looking for the best beaches in Michigan, you might also want to stop in some of the smaller cities along the way. These cities are just as beautiful and quaint as the larger cities, but they do not have the same fame as the larger cities. In these small towns, you will enjoy the best sunsets and most economical prices.

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