Best Beaches On The East Coast Of Ireland -

Best Beaches On The East Coast Of Ireland

best beaches on east coast

The East Coast is famous for its beaches, and the best beaches on the East Coast have unique features that make them a memorable holiday getaway. The East Cape, Dingle Peninsula, Co Kerry, and Galway are some of the best beaches on the East Coast with the longest stretches of golden sandy beach, magnificent cliffs, and breathtaking panoramas. They offer significant relaxing breaks for visitors. These are some of the best beaches on the East Coast:

The Twelve Apostles

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The Twelve Apostles is the name given to four islands in the far south of Ireland. At the far end of the Twelve, Apostles is Colua. It is a small cluster of modern houses on the beach with a narrow strip of water. It is one of the best places for surfing. Another popular site is the top of the Twelve Apostles at Fergie’s Bay, where you can still see the historic waterfront architecture of Fergie’s studios.

The Twelve Apostles is only accessible by boat or plane and is therefore very popular. The best places to stay are at the Twelve Apostles’ top, with spectacular views across the Atlantic Ocean and out to the crystal blue seabed. The cliffs are rugged, but you can enjoy the golden sun and the wonderful sandy beaches with good surf.

Killarney Lakes

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The Killarney Lakes is located on the Killarney Peninsula in County Kerry. They are a series of lakes on the Killarney River’s eastern side. The Atlantic ocean empties into the Killarney Lakes, and these lakes attract people looking for peace and tranquillity on the beautiful east coast. Several Killarney hotels are offering lovely comfortable settings overlooking the Killarney Lakes. Some of the best beaches on the east coast for summer are at the Killarney Lakes.

The County Of Kerry

The county of Kerry has some beautiful beaches on its beautiful west coast. The county is known for its culture and heritage and its fabulous food and world-class hospitality. The west coast is the best place to visit on your holidays and is also the gateway to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. The west coast has some great, rugged, natural beaches with breathtaking views of the Kerry mountains. Kerry is a small rural community, and there are not many tourist attractions in this area. Still, there are several exciting and famous attractions such as the Fitzgerald Stadium and the GAA headquarters.


Kerry is a top destination in Ireland when it comes to great beach camping sites. It has some fantastic beaches with many award-winning sandy beaches, some of the best surfing in Europe, and an array of family-friendly activities. The Killarney Lakes and the Fitzgerald Stadium are among the best places to visit with the family. Kerry’s west coast is also very popular with families going on holiday to the beautiful Claddagh Gardens and Killarney Gardens.

Final Wrap-Up

When it comes to choosing one of the best beaches on the east coast of Ireland, you need to consider several factors. The first factor you need to consider is whether you want a sandy beach or one that has a rocky shore. You should also consider whether you want a campsite along the coast or prefer an isolated beach. You must consider all these factors because you will never know what the beach will offer when deciding to go for it during your holiday.

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