Creative Beach Photography Ideas – How to Find New Ideas For Your Beach Photography

beach pictures ideas

If you’re new to Beach Cities like San Diego, Hawaii, Los Angeles and Miami, you know how hard it is to find great beach pictures. The beach is a popular place to hang out during the summer for many reasons, but without beach pictures ideas to share with others, the excitement just isn’t there. Finding a great beach picture is easy, but it takes some creativity. If you want to share the beauty of the beach with friends and family, a great beach picture idea is to take a group picture at the beach. Here are a few beach picture ideas that will get you started:

First in beach pictures ideas is a photo book nook. While lying in a hammock or simply sitting in the middle of a beach, open up your favorite book to a random page you really like. With a backdrop of clear blue sky or a gently fluttering breeze, take a picture of you, your friends or family and post it on Instagram. Make sure to include a description of what the photo is about. For example, if you took your beach pictures on Lake Tahoe, you might write “Shallow bay at sunset. Icy black waters of the lake and hills behind.”

An Overview

A close up of a wave

Second in our list of beach photography ideas is to create the perfect beach photo backdrop. You can use your surroundings to help create the perfect beach photo scene. Look for a spot near a body of water, like a lagoon or a body of water that’s jutting out into the ocean.

Third in our list of beach photography ideas is to take a simple, candid portrait. There’s something special about having your face just inches from the beautiful, clear blue or white sand. To complete your beach photo ideas, add an underwater light to give the image that dreamy appearance. If you’re photographing someone with a large back, make sure you don’t pose them right in front of the surf because it can look daunting and make them uncomfortable.

If you’d like to have your family’s beach pictures taken outdoors, you can always hire a professional family photographer. A professional family photographer will take your entire family’s pictures for you. He or she will typically be available for several hours at any time, and will charge a reasonable fee. The advantage of using a professional photographer is that they have the right equipment and know how to approach the subject matter. They can also make creative decisions about lighting, props and framing to enhance your photos.

Creative Beach Photography Ideas

If your family isn’t interested in having their beach photos taken professionally, don’t despair. There are plenty of fun photo ideas you can come up with to capture your trip. One idea would be to use simple beach toys and shells as props. One way to create unique props is by filling sandbags with sand and leaving them out in the open for people to stumble upon. Another fun idea is to use fishing lures and baits to lure in your subject. Again, keep in mind that these ideas may not be approved by the local beach board, but they’re certainly lots of fun to shoot!

One of the best beach photo ideas is to simply photograph the sun setting over the horizon. This idea is rather simplistic; all you need is a large flat surface where you can set up your camera and a relatively unobstructed horizon. If your beach is in a remote location, you may find it difficult to position yourself so that you’ll get a good angle on the sunset. If this is the case, you might consider bringing along a portable infrared thermometer to see if your horizon is indeed too far away to register with the infrared thermometer. If it’s not, you can simply move on to other beach photo ideas.

Now that you’ve read about a few creative beach photos ideas, you should have some great ideas of your own. Just remember, the key is to simply be yourself while you’re taking the pictures. Remember that you don’t need to become a professional photographer to have a great beach photography hobby. All you need is a little creativity and some equipment, and you can start making your own unique pictures.

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