Discover the Best Beaches in Panama - Discover the Best Beaches in Panama -

Discover the Best Beaches in Panama

best beaches in panama

Panama’s geography is one of the best features of its beaches. It is very much different from the Caribbean Islands that is mostly made up of sandy beaches. Panama Canal is a strait-lined canal that cuts through its centre, connecting the Atlantic and Pacific ocean to form a major shipping route. In the urban centre, Panama City, large skyscrapers, upscale nightclubs and rainforests contrast with old colonial buildings in Casco Viejo, Panama City. Panama City is also the home of the Panamanian President, who lives in this capital.

An Overview

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Since the canal links the two countries, most of the beaches are located in the Pacific Ocean. However, there are some exclusive beaches in Panama that offer a breath taking view of the Caribbean. The two most popular Caribbean beaches are Catamaran Beach and Granada Beach. These two beaches are very popular among tourists as they offer crystal clear water, white sand and turquoise blue waters.

In terms of natural beauty, Panama is also one of the best Caribbean beaches. This country has a wide range of tropical rain forest, wildlife and coral reefs in and around its borders. Most of these beaches are remote and have little infrastructure or commercialization. Some of the popular rain forest beaches include Bouqete, Twillingate, and Corcovado. These are some of the best beaches in the country.

Another group of tropical rain forest beaches is in the Northern part of the country. This includes La Barra and Alajuela. This is one of the most popular beaches in the country with clear turquoise water, white sand beaches and lush tropical rain forest. There are also some clear blue rivers and streams flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

Best Beaches In Panama

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Panama’s North coast has many white sandy beaches. It also has a picturesque countryside full of beautiful resorts and restaurants. The North shore of Panama is the ideal place for visitors to enjoy a quiet night on the beach after a long day of shopping. There are bars and nightclubs scattered around the area. This is the perfect place for couples. The country’s main beach is called La Barra, which is just 7 km from the North coast.

There are several large hotels in the country that cater to tourists looking for good quality beaches. There are options like luxury, budget and resort hotels in all parts of Panama. Most of these are strategically located near beaches. These hotels offer excellent facilities like internet cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Most of these hotels provide packages that include sight seeing tours to major cities of the country.

One of the famous beaches in Panama is the Caribbean beach. The Caribbean beach is the largest and has beautiful white sand beaches. It is also home to an active volcano, which boasts of being the most photographed place in the country. This place also boasts of a large community of Tarahumara Indians. The volcano makes the surroundings extremely beautiful and idyllic.

Other important beach in the country includes La Barra, which is just 5 km away from the North coast. It is another famous beach with a tropical atmosphere. It has facilities including swimming pools, spas and health clubs. There are also a variety of restaurants around this area which serves delicious local cuisine.

In The End

You can also consider the Grand Cayman as one of your best beaches in Panama. This beach is located around an hour drive from the North coast. It is also a popular spot for Caribbean cruises. If you are looking for adventure, you must visit the Caribbean island of Espadilla. It is renowned for having lush green trees, sandy beaches and coral reefs.

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