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zlatni rat

Zlatni rat is a beautiful beach on the Croatian island of Brač, part of Split-Dalmatia County. Zlatni rat literally means Golden Cape in the Croatian language. It was named for its sandy cape which almost seems golden when the sunsets. The beaches are covered with fine sand and pebbles, both of which are golden in color.

What is the location of the Zlatni rat?

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The beach of Zlatni rat is located on the eastern side of the island, while the one called Donja Luka is on its western part. The latter is specifically popular with nudists, so if you are too shy for naturism, go to Zlatni rat. ”’But be aware there is more to do on Donja Luka than just swimming and sunbathing!”’

The beach of Zlatni rat is about 7 kilometers long, so even if you are not a naturist, you can enjoy the series of smaller beaches between the bays.

Is Zlatni rat dangerous? Can I go there by myself?

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Zlatni rat is a safe place to visit and no special precautions are needed. There are lifeguards on duty in July and August, so if you just want to get away from the usual summer bustle, this is the perfect place to go. Like everywhere in Croatia, you should respect nature and do not litter the sea or beach with any garbage.

What are the favorite activities on Zlatni rat?

The most popular activities are swimming and sunbathing. If you want to be active, there are also options like hiking through the island. If you are not up for this, visit the old town of Supetar instead.

What can I find at Zlatni rat?

If you go to Zlatni rat during the day, you might notice some small restaurants and bars along the beach. Also make sure to see Njivice, a little village on top of a high hill with stunning views of the coast and nearby islands.

What facilities are at Zlatni rat?

Facilities include sunbeds with parasols, showers, and toilets. If you need more, buy a drink or two from the local Njivice bars and enjoy your holiday at this beautiful beach!

Zlatni rat is most popular during which seasons?

Zlatni rat is most popular during the summer season. But you can go there all year long and enjoy it even in autumn or winter. Just to be aware that the water might not be warm enough for swimming then.

When is the best time to visit Zlatni rat?

The best time to go to Zlatni rat is during the summer. The beach tends to get crowded on weekends and public holidays, so if you want more privacy, go there early in the morning or on a weekday.

Where can I sleep near Zlatni rat?

Accommodation around Zlatni rat is easy to find. You can rent rooms from locals, or you can pay for camping or a bungalow. There are also plenty of hotels and apartments, but make sure to book well in advance.

What is the price range near Zlatni rat?

The prices tend to be low, only slightly above average for Croatia. Beach accessories like umbrellas and deckchairs can be rented at the beach itself.

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