Exciting Steps To Make White Sand Beach You Shouldn’t Miss

white sand beach

Passion Island Beach Resort-from $40 A perfect white sand paradise with all-inclusive food and drinks. There are many different ways for you to reach this small piece of Cancun paradise. Train and Plane, Car or in Your Own Car, Land and Water Taxi, Jeep, Boat, or Jet Boat. Each has its own pros and cons and can be used for the best experience.

Miss Saona – Enjoy Your Stay Along The White Sand Beach.

This beachfront resort will give you an experience like no other. The hotel is not only safe and clean. But it also offers a full-service restaurant and a spa. It can make you feel as if you’ve come straight from a Caribbean resort.

white sand beach around you
white sand beach around you

Miss Saona also has a spa and swimming pool for those who want to relax after a day of fun and excitement. The hotel is perfect for couples who want to spend some quality time together on their vacation.

Love The White Sand Beach & Its Surrounding Location

Miss Saona Beach Resort and Spa are located on the beach. The most famous stretch of sand in Cancun is on the left side of the hotel. You can view a beautiful blue water body surrounded by lush green plants, mountains, and beautiful sandy beaches. The hotel has four beach resorts including the Gold Club. It has an 18-hole golf course, and the Pool Club where you can relax by the pool and enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea.

You have the choice of staying at the Guest House or the Inn on Miss Saona which is a simple yet comfortable guest house with a friendly staff. You can also choose to stay at one of the beach bungalows. Most of them are complete with air conditioning, television, telephone, Internet connection, and Jacuzzi, and a private Jacuzzi tub.

Official Website Of Miss Saona – For All The White Sand Beach Lovers

To explore more about Miss Saona and to find out more about these bungalows, you can visit the official Miss Saona website. Also, you can check the website of the Inn on Miss Saona and visit their official website. Or if you don’t want to travel alone, you can hire a private guide to take you around.

For some reason, the Inn on Miss Saona seems to be the most popular with tourists. They offer a wide range of facilities and amenities such as the Internet, telephone, refrigerator, microwave, Jacuzzi, telephone, cable, television, etc.

Miss Saona is well known for its tropical atmosphere and its restaurants and spas have been serving Cancun’s culinary needs for decades. If you’re looking for a more luxurious experience, you can try the award-winning Restaurant Saona, which is on the second floor of the Inn on Miss Saona with world-class dining and entertainment.

The accommodations in the inn on Miss Saona are very reasonably priced. The hotel has a restaurant serving continental cuisine. The meals are prepared by a number of native Cancun chefs and are accompanied by a selection of drinks. A small amount of extra charge is required for alcohol.

Places Near The Hotel

There are also a number of places near the hotel that will give you the opportunity to explore the area including the National Museum of Mexico, which is on the beach near White Sand Beach. Visitors can also view the historic Mayan ruins by walking through the museum grounds. This is not a tour that you would want to do without having a guide. Since this area was occupied by the Spanish, it is possible to speak Spanish to the Mayans and learn about their culture.

beautiful white sand beach for all beach lovers
beautiful white sand beach for all beach lovers

If you would like to see the ocean, there is also the Miss Saona Marina located on the beach that is accessible by car or water taxi. There you can watch as the marinas empty and the ships and yachts leave the harbor. You can even watch the windsurfers and sailors in action.


At night, there is dancing at the beach to entertain the young and old alike. You could also spend the night on one of the beach bars with the rest of your friends or family in a comfortable hotel suite. There are a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi available for those guests who wish to relax.

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