Facial Moisturizers: Summer Protection

Summer, oh summer. That warm glow through facial moisturizers. The bliss of going to the beach. Walking under palm trees. Stepping on the white sand. Wading in the water. Plus, you get to wear that bathing suit you’ve been dying to try on. It’s all about positive vibes with this season.

However, there ARE a few bumps here and there you might hit. For instance, bad skin health. That tan you’ve always wanted. It isn’t always the result of being in the summer sun. In fact, there are a lot of skin problems caused by the season’s heatwave. With moisturizers, take a look at some tips you can easily follow at home or outside.

Facial Moisturizers: Caring For Your Skin

Facial Moisturizers: Summer Protection

There’s a misconception that simply staying under the summer heat can give you that glowy “I woke up like this” look. And it’s true. When the sun hits your skin, your pores naturally open up to release natural oils. For some, much more than others. Or much more than desired. So that’s what it is. The natural process wherein your skin secretes oil is what can give it that glowy look.

However, what you might not realize is that this isn’t always a good thing. When the oils from your skin come out, its tendency is to block your pores. And when your pores are blocked, the likelihood of you incurring inflammations and those pores trapping dirt becomes higher. These are what result in skin irritations. When left unchecked, dryness will come about. Just when we’ve been discussing how oil makes your skin look hydrated? Yup, dryness.

Plus, it’s not the even type of dryness. Patches of it here and there, including redness. Worse, flakiness comes into the picture, too. Yuck. Not that we’re condemning those who suffer from these. If you are, it’s okay. It isn’t the end of the world. Furthermore, there are solutions to your summer skin troubles. Read on to find out.

Caring For Your Skin Part 2: Why?

Facial Moisturizers: Summer Protection

So then the age-old question hangs in the air. Why care for your skin at all? Did our ancestors have this kind of compulsion to do so? Why do we need to know about facial moisturizers now?

Well, to put it frankly, it’s because our environment is changing along with mankind’s advancements in the industry and in technology. The air you breathe is different from the air your mother and her mother’s mother breathed before. The food you eat is different as well. More of the processed, unhealthy kind are often in your diet if you’re going to be honest about it. And it isn’t just you. The world has become like this.

Similarly, it is because of these reasons that your skin is more prone to being unhealthy today than a decade or so ago. To add, the heat of the season isn’t going to do much than further to its demise. Not that we’re trying to be dramatic about it. Okay. Maybe we are, what with the word “demise” included in this paragraph.

All we’re trying to tell you is that caring for your skin has now become much more of a necessity than a thing of vanity. Head on to other next posts to find out the basics of skincare in beach weather, or non-beach weather.

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