Famous White Sand Beaches

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In the present world, there are more than one hundred ninety countries. Nature has abundantly put out its beauty in all these countries. You will want to visit all these beautiful places in every corner of the world. There are so many beaches in the world that it is challenging to have a concrete number for them. Every beach is different in its water and the sand. The color of the sand of every beach is quite. Therefore, it is a keen sight of interest for the visitor. There are beaches with white sand, brownish color sand, golden-white and many more.

Famous White Sand Beaches
Famous White Sand Beaches

The color of the sand is so different in every beach because of its water body. The water body washes away the sand and gets back to the beach, the sand of the rocks. So the color is from the washing of the stones and the intensity of different rocks. There is a blue sands beach, green sands beach, reddish-black sands beach, black sands beach, and of course the white sands beach. The sand gets eroded from the rocks, and the water brings it to the beach. All these beaches will excite and delight you. So let us know about some famous white sands beaches.

White Sand Beaches

1.    Bora Bora White Sand Beach, Tahiti

In the  Bora Bora island, it will be impossible for you to find a single grain of black or golden sand. It is so crystal white and clean all around. A perfect destination for water activities.

2.    Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

The beach is covered with palm trees, and aqua-green water body with coral reef protects the surfers. White sand and plenty of sunshine bring in a vast crowd of tourist to the beach.

3.    Whitsunday Islands, Australia

It is the world most pristine beach. The shiny white cover sand on the beach and the new blue world is so freshening. It sets the right mood for an extended vacation.

Famous White Sand Beaches
Famous White Sand Beaches

4.    Grace Bay Beach, Turks, and Caicos

If you want to experience the best snorkeling in the world, then Grace Bay Beach is your place. It is on the list of the best ten beaches in the world for its 12-mile and enchanting beauty.

5.    Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar, Africa

Africa has a massive number of beaches. The continent is just not all about animals like the lion, elephant, and giraffe. It earns considerable revenue from the tourist visiting the beaches, and Nungwi Beach is one such beach.

6.    Seychelles White Sand Beach

Seychelles is a lovely island on the off coast of Africa. It is the best destination for the nature admirers. The white sand beach and the prefect water beauty of the isle enchant the viewer’s mind. There are so many trees and water animals on the shoreline. You will see the tortoises bathing on the coastline.

7.    Las Islas Cies Beach, Galicia, Spain

When you visit, Spain cannot miss out to visit the Las Islas Cies Beach. It is Spain’s one of the most favorite tourist destinations. The destination is an archipelago of three islands on the shoreline of northern Spain. Las Islas Cies Beach white sand attract the visitor all around the year

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