Fantastic Getaway Destinations In Mystical Siquijor -

Fantastic Getaway Destinations In Mystical Siquijor

Fantastic Getaway Destinations In Mystical Siquijor

Visiting the island of Mystical Siquijor is the ultimate shopping trip in Micronesia. It’s a hidden treasure filled with antiques, jewelry, artifacts, books, and souvenirs from every nook and cranny.

Mystical Siquijor Was Known As Mother Of Islands

Mystical Siquijor was previously known as the “Mother of Islands.” Siquijor was once home to more than eight hundred miles of coral reefs, inhabited by more than seventy species of marine life. However, it’s now an uninhabited, seven-island paradise.

The Island Is Located In The Republic Of Marshall Islands

The island of Mystical Siquijor is located in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, about one hundred miles south of Rota, the capital of the Marshall Islands. Once this beautiful paradise was a US military base. Today, there are no visitors allowed without a member of the United States Coast Guard escort.

Mystical Siquijor was once the site of a ghost town and a unique history. According to legend, it was the site of the last naval battle of World War II.

Before Visiting The Island You Should Know About Surrounding Marshall Islands

When you visit the island, it’s essential to take into account the surrounding Marshall Islands. These are volcanic islands with an array of exotic animal species that one can see at the National Marine Sanctuary in Ewa Beach. Some of the islands here are in use for surfing and diving.

Comoros Islands Have Hot Markets: Mystical Siquijor

If you’re looking for hot markets, the island of Comoros is the ideal destination. It’s not the main market, but it is where much of the commerce occurs. The beaches here are well-known for surfing.

Macao Is A Shopping Destination For The Tourists: Mystical Siquijor

Fantastic Getaway Destinations In Mystical Siquijor
Fantastic Getaway Destinations In Mystical Siquijor

Macao is a fantastic shopping destination. It’s also home to the world’s most spectacular natural pools. This has been the setting for some of the most exciting films ever made. This is a place that people travel from all over the world to find the perfect beach attire for a night on the town.

Shopping In Macao Is Intense: Mystical Siquijor

There is something for everyone, from ethnic delicacies to art, to antiques. If you don’t want to linger in the tourist shops, you can stroll the streets and get an idea of what Macao has to offer. There are also excellent cafes that serve great coffee, tea, and other drinks.

You Can Reach Mystical Siquijor Easily

The island is easy to reach. The last leg is by boat from Ewa Beach. It’s about a three-hour trip or about one and a half hours driving. While driving, make sure you are well-aware of the rules and regulations.

Hotels And Restaurants Are Affordable Here

Fantastic Getaway Destinations In Mystical Siquijor.
Fantastic Getaway Destinations In Mystical Siquijor

For a small fraction of the cost of hotels and restaurants in nearby Cebu, you can visit Mystical Siquijor. It’s truly a beautiful destination. It’s very affordable and so worth the trip. And if you have friends who are visiting the same island, there’s no better way to spend your holiday.

Final Words

Although it’s a secluded paradise, the island is also a very modern place. You can easily find great shops and restaurants to help make your stay more pleasant. What more could you ask for? Magical Siquijor is a delightful place to stay for your next vacation. All you need to do is plan, as many of the shops and restaurants are all booked solid for the next year.

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