Hot Summer Weekend Getaways in South Florida

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If you’re looking for the best Beaches in Florida State, then you have to start by reading this article. I will tell you my favorite five beaches in Florida that I have personally been to. These beaches vary from the picturesque natural scenery all the way to some of the finest sandy beaches you’ll ever see. They are:

St. Lucie Island Beaches

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Located right next to the St. Lucie Island Beaches are the amazing communities of Edisto Beach and Calabash Beach. The majority of the population on both of these beaches is Italian, so it is no surprise that these two communities are among the best beaches in Florida. My family and I have taken several vacation rentals here, such as condos, houses, and even vacation homes. We love staying at the different vacation rentals because they are very comfortable and offer just about anything you could possibly need for your stay. The prices are very reasonable, and the restaurants and shopping are great.

This area of Florida is located right near the island of South Florida. Some of the best beaches to be found here are the ones located on the southern end of the island. These beaches include Brickell, Seven Mile Beach, and Edisto Beach. These beaches tend to be hot in the summer months and quite chilly in the winter months. So, if you wish to escape the warmth of the sunshine you should head over to these southern shores.

Gulf Coast

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If you head to the Gulf Coast, you will soon find yourself traveling to the best beaches in the state of Florida. Two of my favorite beaches are located here, namely Fort Lauderdale Beach in Florida and St. Lucie Island in Florida. The Fort Lauderdale beach is located on an isolated island and is surrounded by beautiful water. The water on the island is clear and inviting, and there are not a lot of tourists or even locals around because it is an exclusive vacation getaway. You can find many condo rentals and beach house rentals right on the beach in this area.

Different Attractions

Another popular and beautiful area of Florida for summer vacations is St. Lucie Island. Located right off the coast of Florida, it is a unique island with all of the amenities that you would expect to find on a beach. In addition to the great beaches, you will also find many fishing opportunities, tours, and fun things to do on this island. If you are looking for the best beaches to visit during your vacation this area of Florida is highly recommended.

This area is my favorite for weekend getaways. I love taking weekend trips to this area and spending time on the beach. There are many different attractions to see and activities to participate in while you are on vacation in this area of Florida. Some of the top ten beaches to visit in St. Lucie are Sand Dunes National Monument, Sand Key National Seashore, Indian Beach, and The Keys, just to name a few.

Summing Up

If you are looking for the top beaches for weekend getaways this summer here in South Florida there are several great choices. In addition to the beaches mentioned above, you will find several water sports, nightlife, dining and shopping opportunities. As you may have noticed the last few years Miami has really expanded into the outdoor recreation market. There are now several parks and museums devoted to outdoor recreation. With all these options it is hard not to find a place where you can spend a weekend getting plenty of exercise and relaxing in the cool ocean air. If you want to get out of the heat and have fun this summer you should consider a trip to one of the hottest spots in Miami, Florida.

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