Huntington Beach Police Activity Tonight -

Huntington Beach Police Activity Tonight

huntington beach police activity tonight

Huntington Beach police are investigating a rash of reported break-ins in the city this week. In one incident, a woman was attacked while walking on her porch around midnight. In another incident, a man was assaulted while trying to enter his own home. All of these incidents have left many residents on edge as they wonder if they are safe in their neighborhood. Is tonight’s news coverage of a string of stolen automobiles linked to the incidents? The news media has been covering these stories non-stop since the beginning of the year, but have they done their part to deter criminals from targeting neighborhoods in Huntington Beach?

Huntington Beach Police Activity

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Police Chief Lee Russakowski says he is aware of the public’s frustration with the constant rash of car break-ins in the area. He is hoping for a bit of relief that people will report any crime that they see to the police so it can be solved. “We need people to feel comfortable calling us if they see anything,” Russakowski said. “The last thing we want is for them to sit around and wait for us to show up and take action.” The chief hopes that this latest effort to deter crime will work.

Surveillance cameras have been a key component of police activity in the city for years. Residents have seen signs pointing to detectives during hours of the day, but tonight there will be more eyes watching than usual. The city’s crime watch team is also planning to increase its presence. This is one of the reasons why many parents have called in sick for work today. They worry that they won’t be able to keep an eye on what is happening at their children’s homes while they are gone.

Things To Know

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There have been no reports of a break-in at any of the city’s beaches, but the wind and surf could be making that possible. Many people take the sand or surf for granted, not realizing how dangerous the conditions can be underwater. Authorities advise everyone to keep well covered. They’ve even issued a security warning about wearing bright jewelry and masks because of the possibility of being splashed by a police helicopter. Many beaches have been evacuated during high activity, and roads near the water have been closed off.

Police officials have also asked the public to avoid the area where the police activity is taking place. The beach south of Main Street is one of the most heavily traveled destinations in town, and officials are concerned that it could become a site for looting. The main traffic arteries will be affected, and motorists should avoid traveling south on Beach Road. Similarly, motorists should avoid traveling between the Van Nuys Freeway and the beach, as well. However, the police have assured the public that there will be no weapon found in any of the planned searches.

Huntington Beach Police Press Release

A Huntington Beach Police Press Release issued late this afternoon indicated that the department has conducted at least one saturation search for vandalism and wanted to publicize that fact. A press conference is scheduled for later in the day, according to the Police Press Release. A news conference will be held by Police Chief Mike Masteron and will provide more information about the current investigation. Specifically, the chief will discuss why it is important for the police to publicize their intention to perform a saturation search, what he feels makes sense in terms of community relations with law enforcement, and what community relations are planned to take place after the police activity is over. It is expected that the police activity will end within one week.

There will likely be no major injuries or major property damage resulting from the police activity, the Police Chief assures. The public is urged to call law enforcement if they notice anything suspicious while on the beach. This is especially true if the public is staying away from the water. The Police Press Release further declared that the Police would not post pictures or information on their social media accounts without the expressed permission of the public.

Bottom Line

Some people have called the Police Department to express their fears about the potential for an invasion of privacy if police check bags during a short walk. Police officials assured that this is not a policy and one of the department’s highest priorities. The Police Chief expressed that the decision was made to increase police presence so community members can enjoy the beach safely. The decision was not made to invade the privacy of any individual. “We will notify people through the appropriate channels as to what is going on,” he concluded.

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