Keratin Hair Remedy for Beach

Keratin Hair Treatment For Great Beach Hair

“Your hair is your crowning glory.” Heard that statement before? Not to say that if you don’t put much care into it, that you’re no royalty. Not at all. You’re a king and a queen no matter what. And with Keratin hair treatment, the crown is sure to be yours. So, we’d like to help keep your hair healthy and shiny during any weather. Especially in the summer heat where dryness and humidity become your enemies. Read on and find out why keratin is the way to go!

Keratin Hair Treatment: Beat The Summer Weather

Summer is an automatic invite for you to go out and soak in the sun! To head to the beach, get that tan (or not). And dip yourself in the salt-laden water. There’s something about this weather that elates your mood and refreshes the soul. And you head out, you always like to head out in style.

Keratin Hair Treatment For Great Beach Hair

With your perfect outfit on, accessories to complete the look, you’re 100% feeling good. However, when the sun drags out and you begin to feel its heat, so does your hair. Dryness becomes an issue. Leaving your strands damaged and looking unhealthy. Additionally, humidity makes them frizzy, which then causes tangles. Sleek, straight hair is good. Curls are fine. But when straight and curly become frizz-mess, you know your day is already ruined.

Is there a way to beat it then? Weather is a natural phenomenon and cannot be controlled by hand. Furthermore, you DO NOT, at all costs, want to merely stay indoors the entire summer. Answer: Yes. There IS a solution.

Be best friends with Keratin Hair Treatment. Keratin belongs to a cluster of structural proteins. It keeps your hair and nails protected and healthy. For this post, we’ll be focusing on the first. Dry and humid weather often cause damages to your stands. These include dryness, frizz, and eventually, breakage.

Thus, what the structural protein does is repair those damages by making each strand bonded and strong. Lessening the frequency of breakage. Also, it helps give that extra shine you think is possible only in hair product commercials.  

Other Things You Can Do To Protect Your Hair

Aside from treating your hair regularly with keratin, make sure you don’t forget to condition. Use conditioner on your hair every time you go under the shower to wash it. Shampooing. This actually can cause dryness, too. And dandruff, if used every day. Therefore, shampoo less, and condition more. To add, your conditioner will work together with your keratin treatment to make hair even healthier and smoother.

Keratin Hair Treatment For Great Beach Hair

Second, if you’re someone who loves to use heating devices to style your hair, try and use a little less of those during hot weather. You can also consider purchasing heat protect serums for that added layer of protection in each strand.

Third, fluid-up! What you drink, or don’t drink enough of rather, can cause your hair to either be stronger or get weaker. Water should be a constant part of your day. Have at least 8 to 10 glasses each day. You know the drill. And we don’t mean dividing that 10 into three (three meals a day). Instead, having water in intervals. A glass or two every two hours or less. You can do it!

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