Long Beach Police Activity – Following Beach Rules In The Area

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The Long Beach Police Department is the second-largest police agency in Los Angeles. The police department has over 800 officers and a total staff of 1200 people. They recently implemented new strategies and deployed more police officers after the crime rate increased significantly. This spike had the entire Long beach police department concerned and hence, they took measures that would curb the situation. 

Long Beach Police Activity – What Is The Crime Incident Mapping Application? 

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The newly introduced crime incident mapping application is software that was recently developed by the long beach police department to provide accurate data of the crime that has taken place in the region. It is specially made for citizens, they can very easily use it to search and inquire about crimes in their localities. This application takes data straight from the Long Beach police department’s system, so the citizens can rest assured that the information provided to them is accurate. All crimes such as assaults, arson, burglary, larceny, murder, robbery, fraud, grand theft auto, and a lot more crimes and offenses are displayed on the app. The application displays the type of crime, the date it was reported, and a lot more information about the crime. 

Long Beach Police Activity – Features Of The App 

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The app provides customized incident reports. Users can identify and make reports that will display the crimes that have taken place in a particular area or region. Users can also download the raw data provided to them. They can also view the enhanced crime visualizations. A statistical view of the selected crimes can be viewed. These charts can be filtered by type, time, date. Viewers can also see a chart of crimes in 6 months. 

Long Beach Police Activity – The Police Department

The long beach police department is also deploying many more programs to ensure the safety of citizens and to decrease the crime rate. Simple steps such as deploying more beat cops were taken but in addition to that, they also introduced programs like the neighborhood walk program to build trust amongst the citizens. These initiatives are specially curated to reduce violence across the city. Citizens can also easily report a crime by calling 562-435-6711 and even hand in tips by calling 800-222-TIPS. This will make the community much safer. 


The long beach police department is always taking concrete measures to ensure the safety of citizens and to reduce crime. The police have also suggested citizens be aware of their surroundings and not be negligent. Citizens should also take responsibility to give in tips when they see something and report crimes quickly. This will help the department to provide a better service. As the departments work on seizing firearms from prohibited possessors and take the guns off the streets, the city will become a safer place. These are some basic rules and expectations that people are expected to follow and we believe this gives you the right information about Long Beach police activity.

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