Long Beach Police Activity Leads To Hotel Job Losses

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Long Beach Police is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying and locating a wanted sexual predator. The suspect, identified as a 42-year-old Hispanic male from California is wanted for committing multiple assaults on several women over a period of three years. The assaults were reported near Orange County, California. The suspect’s current whereabouts is unknown. The assailant has been on the run since at least early December of last year.

A High-Crime Area With Very Few Tourists And A Small Ethnic Minority Population

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This neighborhood, located between Orange County and San Diego, is in a high-crime area with very few tourists and a small ethnic minority population. There is a large concentration of the San Diego mafia and other street gangs here. There are very few large size hotels near the vicinity. Many of the tourists who come to this area stay at the small boutique hotels.

The suspect frequented some well known hotels near this tourist hot spot. There were several different attacks, mostly inside the hotel, on the tourists in the hotel during the night hours. A woman suffered facial injuries, and a man suffered a broken nose. Several people were taken to the local hospital with non life threatening injuries. A police detective was present at the scene but left after about an hour. A surveillance camera captured the suspect entering into a room, then walking outside and walking down the driveway.

Neighborhood Has A Reputation Of Being Very Exclusive – Long Beach Police Activity

Hotel Job

This neighborhood has a reputation of being very exclusive. The suspect is believed to be a member of the San Diego mafia, and frequented several other luxury hotels in this area of California. He likely targeted the five star rated hotels because they offer a much smaller complimentary parking space. The suspect also stayed at several luxury spas throughout the week in January of this year.

There is a new five star hotel in this area, which also offers a complimentary parking space. This is the exact same hotel that was mentioned in the previous paragraph. Many of the complexes near La Jolla are directly across the street from the five star spa. There is a direct bus service to the Miami International Airport. There is a bus route that goes to San Diego State University and all of the main California State College campuses.

Suspect Is Described As A Hispanic Male

The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, approximately thirty years of age, with black hair and brown eyes. His clothing was found to have some discrepancies with him. He had on a white t-shirt with holes in it, faded khaki pants, and flip flops. Most of the hotels near this area of California are part of the large hotels chain that also houses a giant golf course. This is not the first time that such a large luxurious hotel is targeted by this local criminal element.

There are many hotels near the area that are members of this large chain of resorts and spas. All of them are aware of the possible connection between this locale and the person that has lived here for decades, but none of them are willing to do anything about it. The information provided by the police and the media does not appear to be hurting these businesses at all, but instead causing them to be very defensive.


Just a couple of hours before the news broke, I talked with a real estate agent from the San Diego area about the potential negative impact this could have on the area’s economy. He told me that most of the hotels in the area already have low occupancy rates, and without tourism becoming a smaller business over the next few years, he doesn’t foresee any negative impact on this particular resort community. The same agent told me that the south Miami condo market is also poised to take a hit due to the housing market crisis, and if no action is taken, these condo properties will end up losing their value very quickly. Most of these luxury hotels are also part of a chain, so this could mean that the individual who owns those units will not be leaving the property anytime soon either.

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