Nissi Beach: One Of The Best Possible You Will Find -

Nissi Beach: One Of The Best Possible You Will Find

Nissi beach regards as one of the most beautiful and renowned holiday beach resort in the world. It is located in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. It is located toward the eastern Mediterranean. In Cyprus, there is a tourist spot called Ayia Napa, which is known for its beaches. It is at the far Eastern end of the southern coast of Cyprus.

Nissi Beach: One Of The Best Possible You Will Find

There are various tourist spots, among all one of the well-noted beaches is Nissi beach. Beaches are always a relaxing place all over the world for visitors. It provides the fresh air under the wide-open sky and stretched water wave in front. The naturally blue color of the water always seems soothing to our eyes. It is a nature’s wonderful gift to us; Nissi beach is not an exception. It is very famous for the young generation and indeed of all ages.

Feature Of Beach

Nissi beach stretches for about 500metres. It has clean and clear water and achieved a blue flag destination award. The beach owns its name after the islet Nissi, situated very near to the beach. People can travel to Nissi Beach by walking as the water is shallow and relish the beauty of the beach entirely. The beach, along with the vegetation in the islets, gives the residents an enjoyable life.
Nissi beach is a renowned beach for clubbers and the young generations as they can perform live shows. Radio show, live music performances are very popular entertainments in this beach which attracts the visitors to spend time. This place is for a perfect hang out, and thus this place named as “Cyprus Ibiza”. Since the year 2002, it became a very famous tourist spot.

There are various beautiful beaches in Cyprus, but they have a terrible reputation of volcanic sand. But the sand is magnificent in the beach, its glitter like gold when the sunbeam falls on the snow-white sand. So it’s a perfect combination of snow-white sand and the crystal clear water with a soothing turquoise blue color of it.

Time To Visit Nissi Beach

Nissi beach is a friendly place which offers an all-time visit from May to October. During the springtime, it is not very much crowded, but people visit here and enjoy swimming and sunbathing. But later from June July onwards, the crowd starts. People often visit this place during winter as the temperature of the water in the Mediterranean Sea never decrease 18 degrees, which is suitable for diving and snorkeling. Though during August the algae increases but the authority tries to keep the water clean.

The beach offers many exciting events for people. It provides “foam parties”, famous DJs often conducts programs for people, quiz contests. It also offers beach games like volleyballs, and water sports arrangements are also there.

From this beach, one can visit nearby islands or places by hiring a taxi or in a car on rent. The Sea Caves, Sea palaces which are situated in Cape Gerco is a great place to see. They are naturally formed, and they are a part of Cavo Greco Reserve. Another must watch the old monastery in Ayia Napa, which is the Panagia Church. A very recently they have opened a Sculpture park also for the visitors. There are many places in Ayia Napa, and Luna Park is one of them. Nissi Beach also offers accommodation for tourists to stay like a resort ( 4-star), Park (3-atar), Vasos Plage Hotel( 5-star) and many more.

Nissi Beach: One Of The Best Possible You Will Find

Therefore Nissi Beach is a very appropriate place for the tourists to spend a beautiful vacation. According to studies, an archaeological department has found fire lighting pieces of equipment in their excavation. To them, they seem to be 12000 years old, which indicates that might be it is one of the first islands where the human race started their journey of life.

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