Perfect Summer Facial Foundation!

Here are our top summer facial foundations perfect for warm weather! Makeup can be tricky during warm and humid, or even dry weather. Summers bring out the natural oils from your face which can be both a good and bad thing. Good, because it gives you that natural BB cream effect. Bad, because it can clog your pores. So with the tricky weather, knowing what kind of makeup to put on might pose a challenge. Not anymore with our foundation picks of the year! Read on to learn more about them.

Summer Facial Foundation: Can Makeup Be Affected By The Weather?

Perfect Summer Facial Foundation!

Oh, yes it is. Yes, it is indeed. Makeup can look well and be maintained well if you know the kind of foundation to use per season. Per season?? You betcha. Don’t worry though. Just because the price tag of a makeup product is sky-high doesn’t always mean it’ll work for everybody. This is why you’ll always need to try it out the first time to know if you should continue with it our not.

The amazing thing about our top picks is that they’re awesome for any skin type. Be it dry or oily, or mixed, the outcome will always be photo-finish. You don’t want that type of item that will make your face look like it’s a separate entity from the rest of your body. Similarly, you wouldn’t want the “floating head” effect. Avid makeup users, you know the word.

Then, what should be done? Where should you start?

Foundation 101

Know the type of skin that you have. If you normally have oily skin even during normal weather, then that’s your answer. If dry, the same thing. What’s more common though is mixed. Oily AND dry at the same time. This usually occurs when the T-zone is oily and the rest of the area is dry. Again, no need to panic. It doesn’t mean that this type of skin is difficult to manage. Nope. Not at all. Furthermore, the fourth type of skin tone is… drum roll, please… normal. Yup. Not too oily. Not too dry. Normal. And very lucky at that.

Now, you’ve already assessed your skin type. Next, you’ll have to know the kind of summer facial foundation that will best suit your skin.

Perfect Summer Facial Foundation!

Let’s start with dry skin. Only you can tell its level of dryness. Dewy kinds of Foundation are usually best for this. They will hydrate your skin, plus it will reduce the look of “dryness.” Second, for oily skin, Matte Foundation will work great! Matte Foundation has that surface finish that reduces the look of oiliness. Plus, it gives coverage that will make your tone even. No dark spots here and there.

As for those who have mixed skin types, you can try something that’s the best of worlds. Not to quote Hannah Montana or anything. There are foundations that are semi-matte or are semi-dewy. That way, it will easily deal with the oily part of your face, while keeping the dry parts appearing hydrated.

But here’s a tip. These “semi’s” are actually good for any skin type. Because they work for either one. Similarly, you’ll want your makeup stash to have this for those days when you’re in a rush. They apply seamlessly and are more insusceptible to caking. Super amazing even during summer!

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