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surfside beach houses

Surfside Beach is a unique community in the Miami area with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. The luxury living experience includes world-class luxury living with spectacular ocean views. Surfside Beach houses for sale offer living space with easy access to shopping, dining, recreational activities, and clubs. Surfside is becoming one of the top destinations in South Florida for second home buyers and retirees. With many luxurious properties available for sale right on the beach, Surfside is ideal for real estate investing.

Surfside’s panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and its close proximity to the Miami International Airport add to its desirability of being a vacation home investment. Oceanfront, ocean view houses, and condos all dominate Surfside Beach houses for sale east of 14, with great housing choices as either a primary residence or a convenient vacation rental investment. Surfside is also popular as a retirement community with many retirees choosing to stay near their golden sands for quiet times away from the hustle of city life. Prices can vary from the low hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars for small homes further away from the sea, to over two million dollars for high-end oceanfront homes. Surfside Beach house rentals are popular for families looking to rent in the area and accommodate more than one family and/or adult.

Surfside Beach Houses

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Surfside Beach is home to some of Miami’s most sought-after luxury real estate. A quick drive around the area will reveal luxury beach houses ranging from ultra-luxurious to simple cottages. The main road into the area has four major thoroughfares; one to the east end of the beach with the Everglades to the north, south, and west, and access to the Miami Keys by way of the Panama Canal. There are no public transports to the Miami Keys and no train line to get people to Key West, so the access to Miami from Surfside Beach is via boat, taxi, or car rental. There are multiple marinas along the coast to choose from if you prefer boating, jet skiing, or water skiing. Of course, there is always the Miami Seaquarium to tour in the comfort of your own boat.

Surfside is home to numerous unique amenities for travelers. For those who enjoy fishing, there is a multitude of charter services that provide boats, skis, and other equipment. Many of these companies also offer private charters that come complete with fishing gear and accessories. There is also an abundance of great lodging that includes hotels, motels, vacation rentals, and condos. These options include four bedrooms, two bedrooms, single and luxury beach village homes.

If you prefer to stay closer to the warmth of the southern shores, there are several rentals in the nearby community of Cocoa. In addition to a plethora of five stars, suite, and beach house options, Surfside is also conveniently located near the popular Winter Gardens area. It is close enough to Winter Gardens that those who live here have easy access to shopping centers, fine dining, and other attractions. One of the most attractive plazas in South Florida can be found at the former Spring Garden Homes site. Two baths, two bedrooms, and a fully furnished, two-story, gated entry with ground-floor windows is a very nice addition to any Surfside Beach house listing.

A Much Ado

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For those who enjoy being pampered, Surfside is the place to be. Two full bathrooms with a two-car garage are just the beginning of this well-maintained package. Two-car garage spaces are common at this beach vacation home, and a two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit is also offered. Three bathrooms are included, including a guest bath, making this the perfect place for a relaxing, intimate beach house rental. Beach vacation homes listed in Surfside are all maintained to high standards. The majority of them are updated to reflect modern criteria and are available with many upgrades, including new flooring, ceilings, hardwood floors, and exterior facades.

There are several lovely Surfside Beach Houses for rent, some with three bedrooms and one bathroom, all with their own individual hardwood floors, ceilings. There are also units available with three beds and one bathroom, and one bedroom and two bathrooms with two beds and one bathroom. You can even reserve Surfside Beach Houses with just a single bathroom.

Bottom Line

To view all of the Surfside Beach houses that are currently available with this broker, log on to the website by clicking on “Co Beach Vacation Rentals”. From this page, you will have access to all of the best Surfside Beach houses for lease. You will be given the opportunity to view photos of the homes, as well as a virtual tour of the property. You will be offered a chance to contact the broker if you have any questions. And if you need to rent a Surfside Beach house with just a few days’ notice, you will be able to do so via the online vacation home rental process.

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