Surfside Beach Real Estate is a Great Investment - Surfside Beach Real Estate is a Great Investment -

Surfside Beach Real Estate is a Great Investment

surfside beach realestate

Surfside Beach real estate is an ideal place to be if you are looking for a home away from home. This area of Miami is full of things to do whether you enjoy water sports like diving and snorkeling, or are more interested in the ocean itself. Surfside is also one of the more sought after parts of Miami to live in. It has all the benefits of living on the beach without having to sacrifice anything else. You can still live your life as you please.

The price of Surfside Beach real estate is slightly higher than that of other parts of Miami. But it is worth it. The prices of houses and condos are still very reasonable, especially compared to other luxury developments in the city. And the view of the beach is something that not even the most luxurious of homes can beat.

Best Gated Community

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Surfside Beach is a gated community. It has many gated entryways. This keeps the “outs” (that is, non-residents) out. Residents are required to have a resident’s permit. There are also gates at the main entrances to keep unauthorized intruders out.

There are three main residential areas in Surfside Beach real estate. They are known as Bal Harbour, Bayside and Coral Gables. Each of these has its own type of property. Look below to see what each one has to offer.

If you are interested in buying a home, you may want to check out the homes on the north end of the community known as Bal Harbour. These are two home lots that were originally owned by Tom Cruise. They have been renovated and now house his eight rental apartments. There is no home on the lot yet that has been sold, but you can imagine that one will be soon.

Bayside Home

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The Bayside home is located across the street from the former Cruise property. In this piece of Surfside real estate, you will get to view the beautiful and serene Ocean front homes and the marina. All of these are under renovation, but they are all brand new. You will be able to view the beautiful homes and the landscaping when you come in for a visit. These homes will set you back somewhere around two or three thousand dollars.

You will also love the new townhome development that is being constructed in Coral Gables. This is a luxury home that is going up in just a few months. There are still some people being evicted in this part of Surfside Beach real estate. However, the new townhomes will not be occupied for quite some time. These are all fully furnished and offer fabulous views of the ocean. Buyers will enjoy the convenience of having their own home away from home.

Easy Access

Surfside Beach real estate is available to anyone. Even if you have bad credit, there are lenders who will work with you. The main thing you need to do is make sure that you pick Surfside Beach real estate that fits your needs and the type of lifestyle that you want. Surfside is more than just a vacation spot, it’s a home.

Once you’ve bought your home, you can then work on just adding on to the property. If you plan on living in it year-round, consider fixing up the landscaping. Put some flowers by the pool or start working on a fire pit. These things will give you more reasons to come home to this real estate and relax.

Great Offerings

Surfside is a wonderful community that has so much to offer. This is one of the most expensive places in the United States to live. There is nothing like it in terms of scenery and views, as well as people. There is a very good selection of homes for sale and plenty of homes for rent. No matter what your budget, you should be able to find something that is affordable for you.

Surfside Beach real estate is a beautiful community that will offer a little something to everyone. You won’t have to worry about being alone or living with just your family. You can find luxury homes, single-family units and condos. There are also a variety of homes for sale that you can choose from.


You can find the perfect real estate investment for you at Surfside. The prices are reasonable and the neighborhoods are beautiful. Surfside has everything you need to live a happy life, without any worries. There is always something going on at Surfside Beach. It’s family-friendly and there are always activities going on.

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