Surfside Beach Resort Offers Vacation Fun - Surfside Beach Resort Offers Vacation Fun -

Surfside Beach Resort Offers Vacation Fun

surfside beach resort

About Surfside Beach Resort A quick escape from the busy city life is possible at Surfside Beach Resort located just minutes from Myrtle Beach. In this beautiful area on North Carolina’s coastal mountains, Surfside is known for its quiet serene beauty. Known as the family beach, Surfside Beach Resort offers all of the relaxation you would find in your favorite parts of the world – only it’s located on the ocean!

About Surfside Beach Resort The quietness of Surfside Beach Resort is best experienced at their Surfside Beach Bar. Surfside is best known as a destination spa resort; their friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you discover your inner desire. You’ll find yourself relaxed and ready to face the next exciting adventure. Surfside Beach Resort offers couples and families a variety of activities that are fit for both active and relaxed lifestyles. Experience what it’s like to be surrounded by the warmth and beauty of a pristine ocean in the back yard of Surfside Beach Resort. Their Surfside Beach Bar offers live music nightly, while providing the best clam chowder you’ve ever had!

Surfside Beach Resort

The Surfside Beach Resort has been ranked among the top 3 destinations in the United States by Travel & Leisure, and many praised their vacation location as being unlike any other. What is it about the Surfside Beach Resort that makes them such a popular choice for tourists and locals alike? The top 3 reasons are their warm hospitality, their proximity to oceanfront property, and their location on North Carolina’s coastal mountains. These factors contribute to why Surfside is such a sought after vacation location.

Warmth And Friendliness

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Anyone who has spent time in the North Carolina mountains knows that being near the coast makes all the difference. Surfside Beach Resort feels this way because they are so close to the Atlantic Ocean. The warm and friendly locals make it easy to feel right at home while enjoying the local attractions. Your friendly seaside resort employee will make sure you have everything you need to make the best of your stay including an outdoor pool, hot tubs, hot showers, and babysitting services when you’re not on the beach.

Surrounded By Ocean

With access to two public 18-hole golf courses, Surfside beach resort offers all of the benefits of being right on the ocean. Whether you are looking to hit the ocean for some relaxation, or play in the ocean during the day, you won’t be far away from any activity. Surrounded by oceanfront property, you’ll have access to everything from fishing, swimming, boating, walking, bicycling, and shopping. And with everything available, you can literally spend as much time as you want on the water, or on the land.

Access To Nearby Attractions

Surrounded by beautiful beaches, many events happen at Surfside. Two popular events that take place on a regular basis are the Transworld Wide Web Tour and the Coastal Classic Car Rally. Both events use the famous Tarzan’s beach as their backdrop and bring thousands of visitors annually to Surfside. In addition, the surfside pier is only about a mile from the front door of the Surfside Beach Resort. If you are a fan of the pier, you will love the two great attractions it offers, including shopping and food, as well as access to the Transworld Wide Web.

Hot Tubs

Because Surfside beach resort is so close to one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the world, it is possible to enjoy an extremely hot tub season. The average temperature during the summer months is about 80 degrees, making it easy to relax in comfort while taking in the amazing views of the Atlantic. There are various hot tubs located on the property as well, including gas ones, which have wood decks for added relaxation and convenience.

All in all, the Surfside Beach Resort is sure to provide you with a relaxing stay and some excellent family fun. They offer a variety of different activities for children, teenagers, and adults. You can find anything you want here, from tennis courts, hiking trails, picnic areas, horseback riding, and a large hot tub, to name a few. The resort itself is located right on the ocean, so even if you aren’t the type of person who likes to spend a lot of time on the water, you will still be able to explore the various options available.

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