The Best Beaches In Spain For An Exotic Vacation Trip 2021 - The Best Beaches In Spain For An Exotic Vacation Trip 2021 -

The Best Beaches In Spain For An Exotic Vacation Trip 2021

best beaches in spain

The Best Beaches In Spain For An Exotic Vacation Trip 2021

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Spain is a country which is renowned for offering some of the best beaches in the world. Not only the flamenco dance, football clubs, monumental buildings, awe-inspiring art, and the distinct folklore, but Spain is famous for its enthralling beaches as well. With some of the most ravishing islands like Gran Canaria, Majorca, Ibiza, and Cabrera, Spain is home to numerous alluring beaches that adorn its extensive coastline in the northern and southern parts of the country.

Playa De Las Catedrales

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It is also known as the Beach of Cathedrals; this is located in Galicia, Spain. It is unique and popular because of its unusual and spectacular natural rock formations. The characteristics of the beach with its arches and caves are only noticeable during low tide. Visitors enjoy walking along the beach amongst these unique rock formations. Large crowds gather to relish this picturesque sight which resembles church arches. However, this natural formation is sculpted by the wind, waves and briny waters. During high tide, the beach is relatively sandy, small, and suitable for swimming.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian is known as one of the best in-city beaches in Europe. The beach is unique mainly because of its exceptional concept – where visitors can enjoy the beach right beside the great number of historical buildings and churches found in the city. It is a beach which is especially popular amongst surfers. However, two main beaches on either side of the river:



Playa De Ses Illetes

Scanning for white-sand beaches in Spain? Then why not Playa De Ses Illetes! Well, pay a visit to the Ses Illetes beach during your trip to step onto one of the finest beaches around the globe. Due to its turquoise waters and sand structure, this beach is also identified as ‘the Caribbean in the European continent’. However, one can thoroughly relish the exotic weather while savoring great food and chugging down their favorite drinks from numerous bars and restaurants lined across the beach.

Cala Comte

Are you planning for a Spain beach vacation? Then it would be best if you did not forget to include Cala Comte beach in your itinerary plan. With a stunning backdrop featuring rocky cliffs and sand dunes, this golden sand beach is one of Spain’s best beaches in October. This place is always full of the multicultural crowd that flocks to this place to spectate the views of a majestic sunset from its shores.

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