The Best Island The World by Raph Koster

The Best Island The World by Raph Koster

“The Best Island in the World” by Raph Koster, written for young children, has a unique and quite classic format. In this book, there are islands around the world, each one showing that all of them are living an unfulfilled life. The main character is Ernie, who also helps to guide the reader through the various islands and the issues they face.

Each island has its own issues, culture, history, and people, but in a very interesting way. One will find that the setting for the island in this book is totally different from what it appears in real life. They show that even though the setting is very unique, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Best Island:

The Best Island The World by Raph Koster
The Best Island The World by Raph Koster

The author, Raph Koster, is an award-winning writer, with many books published under his name. His style of writing is an adventure tale with a storyline that is completely different from other authors. His stories are thoroughly imaginative and at times can be almost surreal.

The primary characters in this book are Ernie, and his cousin Eden, whom he sometimes called Eddie. Eddie is the son of a millionaire and his beloved daughter, Evelyn. He is very brave and determined.

This is a book about every parent trying to protect their children but in a strange and peculiar way. There is no love between Eddie and his father, as there should be in such a book.

Know About The Characters:

Another character is his mother, a daughter, Alexandra, and her husband, Christian. She is very adventurous and loves nature, as much as Eddie does. Their relationship is also one of somewhat distant love.

The other characters are presented as such because of their problems faced by the island. There is danger on the island, which is dangerous, according to human standards. There is no peace, nor there is any attention paid to the problems of the island. These problems include racial prejudice, racism, violence, poverty, etc.

It is a dark comedy that is shown in a particular way, where life is simple and all is well, and then it turns out to be otherwise. It’s as if fate or something like that has changed things, and life is not as it should be. There is a fantastic sense of humor in this book, and sometimes the humor was too dark for young children.

I enjoyed this book, which was similar to “The Little Prince”, in that both have similar settings, with similar themes. There is even an episode of a historical figure from the past.

If you are a big fan of Koster, you will definitely enjoy this book. If you are a new reader, you will definitely appreciate it, too.

Bottom Line:

The Best Island The World by Raph Koster
The Best Island The World by Raph Koster

When I first heard about Koster, I didn’t know anything about him and was expecting him to be just another children’s book author. But after I read this book, I have learned to be patient, and understand that some of the books will take time to reach us, and will eventually mature further. That’s just the way it goes.

As a reader, I loved this book, and I’m glad that I read it. It made me realize that sometimes, reading something new is better than what we have been used to.

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