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What Are The Best Beaches In North Carolina

best beaches in north carolina

This area is perfect for a family vacation because it offers everything you enjoy doing on a beach. This area also happens to be very affordable so that anyone can afford to take a trip to this area of North Carolina.


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The best beaches in North Carolina are located along the shores of Lake Meade. Lake Meade is one of North Carolina’s most popular lakes and its beaches are especially inviting to families. The beaches are relatively flat, which allows for lots of water fun. The beaches are usually sandy and offer a soft sand feel. This means that during the summer season, people who like to spend time on the beaches will find plenty of things to do.

Acme Beach is located in Wilsonville. This area tends to be one of the best beaches in North Carolina. This beach features the best waves and most activity. Wilsonville is about a three hour drive from Charlotte, NC and it is possible to reach this part of north Carolina by taking a ferry from Wilmington, NC. Some of the other beaches in North Carolina that tend to draw a lot of tourists are off of Cape Hatteras, Blowing Rock, Indian Beach, Pee Dee, Cataloochee, Beaches, Barringer, Killarney, Isle Of Palms, and Curtin.

Located On The Barrier Islands

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The best beaches in north Carolina are located on the barrier islands. Barringer is on one of the barrier islands. It has waves that reach more than six feet, but it is still a beautiful beach. It is also located near the Blowing Rock lye. Blowing Rock and Cataloochee are two other barrier islands that have great beaches.

One of the best beaches in North Carolina that tends to draw a lot of tourists is Isle Of Palms. This island tends to stay between April and May, which make it perfect for a vacation. The beaches are soft and offer a beautiful ambiance for families to enjoy. The best thing about this island is that it is only a couple of hours away from the Blowing Rock Lye. There are some beaches on the island that feature wave sets, which adds even more excitemen

The Outer Banks

Another popular destination for those looking for beautiful beaches in North Carolina are the Outer Banks. Many people visit the Outer Banks each year to experience the beauty and natural serenity that the Atlantic Ocean can provide. In addition to its beauty, the Outer Banks is home to many historical sites, as well as world-class restaurants and sandy beaches. In terms of public attractions, you will find many nature programs and festivals. You can take part in fishing, biking, boating, or just enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The Outer Banks is also famous for its annual Taste of the Outer Banks, which is held right here every May.

Bottom Li

The Hatteras National Seashore is another great place to go if you are a lover of the beach. This seashore is located near Blairsville, North Carolina, and has miles of hiking trails, historic sites, and wildlife refuges. Some of the hiking trails even lead to the white-sand state park below the seashore. You will be able to see great Atlantic hurricanes from your hotel window, which makes the Hatteras National Seashore one of the best beaches in North Carolina.

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