Zipline in Fantastic Destinations


What could be more fun than flying over the tops of trees, valleys, and mountains? You might be thinking there are no mountains in Florida. Well, not only are you wrong about that, but the zipline tour has expanded to include some fantastic destinations. Although they have a few different zip line tour locations in Florida, they offer excursions in New Hampshire, Washington, and Utah too!

If you’ve ever been ziplining before, then you know that this is not something to be taken lightly or to be taken down by the inexperienced zipline pilot. Safety has always been a significant concern in zipline tourism because gravity can’t get serious if it isn’t respected! So make sure the zipline tour company you pick is insured and safe, or you may not be ziplining anywhere.

What are some of the zipline tour destinations you can look forward to?

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Aspen, Colorado – zipline at the top of a mountain that offers some breathtaking views.

Hilo, Hawaii – ziplining over a tropical rain forest where you might spot a few exotic birds!

Portland, Oregon – zipline through a state park and the longest ziplines in the Pacific Northwest.

Santa Claus, Indiana – zipline over a real working Christmas village.

Park City, Utah – zipline through a canyon or zip line along the edge of a mountain.

Manchester, New Hampshire – zipline above the treetops in an old-growth forest.

New York – zipline over the city skyline.

Salt Lake City, Utah – zipline above the Great Salt Lake surrounded by mountains.

Grand Junction, Colorado – zipline at the end of a canyon point with views for miles!

George, Washington – zipline over a river and zipline through the treetops!

If you are planning to zipline tour vacation, here are some things you need to remember.

Am I ready for ziplining?

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Zipline tours are not for the faint of heart, but there is no reason why you can’t go zip lining if you prepare appropriately and respect gravity! Always check with your doctor beforehand in case any medical conditions might prevent you from ziplining. You should make sure to eat a healthy meal before ziplining, so you won’t get sick or hurt your stomach on the zipline course.

Where can I find zipline tour companies?

If ziplining sounds like something you’d be interested in, then I’ve got some good news for you! There are zipline tour companies located all over the United States. From coast-to-coast zipline tours are available, so you can zipline closer to home than ever before. Here are a few zipline tour companies you might want to check out:

Mountain Zip Line Tours in Utah, New Hampshire, and Florida!

ZipAmerica – zip lines all around the US and in Canada.

ZipTour – ziplines set up at zoos and amusement parks across the country.

Zipline – zips through zoos, zig-zag zip lines, and zip lining for families.

Epic Zip-line Adventures – zipped through the mountains of North Carolina.

Pigeon Forge Ziplines – zipped across an Appalachian Mountain River in Tennessee!

Zipline tour in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Zipline tours that are set up at victory state park in New York!

Lake Compounce Water Park Zipline Tour

Trying these things out is not a bad idea. Zipline tour companies love to make their ziplining as adventurous and exciting as possible. Therefore, you should visit zipline tour websites and contact them for more details about zip line tours!

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